Cost management & Optimization

We are a leading Cost Management & Optimization Consultant in Morocco

We have people with experience gained during long careers at a senior level in their field, and we use this experience to advise businesses on the way to get the simplest deal from suppliers. Anticipating your needs, our team can deliver local knowledge, working with your business to provide optimised performance, reduced costs and improved financial flexibility.

We help to

improve business procedures

manage supplier relationship

compare prices

conduct tendering processes

Help to integrate new suppliers

Our mission for our Customers is to get equivalent products and services more affordably once you bring together : our experience, specialist expertise, and local supply chain knowledge.

  • We never compromise the standard of products purchased.
  • We never compromise on service levels.
  • We can further develop your CSR strategy and promote responsible and sustainable procurement practices.
  • We deliver financial savings, enhanced service levels and improved supplier contracts.
  • You always make decisions based on datas and keep in control of the decision.
F4S Consulting Group cost management optimization

The Benefits of Working with F4S Consulting Group in Morocco.

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Working with F4S Consulting Group can generate a good range of advantages to your business. Although our common goal is to get cost savings within your business, our experts specialise in an enormous range of other aspects including improving operational efficiencies, reducing waste and optimizing and consolidating processes.

All of those factors help to enhance efficiency, improve income and safeguard your future success. The extensive analysis work conducted by F4S Consulting Group also can offer you peace of mind, particularly in terms of supplier relationships and contracts.

Ultimately, you define the goals and objectives. We are here to assist you achieve those goals and you remain on top of things of which areas of your business we work on.

Below you'll find an easy summary of a number of the foremost important benefits of working with F4S Consulting Group.

F4S Consulting Group accesses price levels, added value services and discount structures – that are usually available only to the most important organisations, because we have exceptional supplier relationships.

Our savings average circa 20% across all projects undertaken. In over 65% of cases, we will achieve savings without a change of supplier.

F4S Consulting Group & Cosma Experts will bring expert resource to every phase, which in some cases can take not up to 12 weeks to succeed in some extent where options to scale back costs are often presented.

F4S Consulting Group & Cosma Experts have a unique insight into the international and local supplier base and what prices, products, and services are available to you. You can also access anytime expertise of our entire organisation and over 45 consultants and category specialists. Transfer of our comptence and methodology is also an option.

F4S Consulting Group & Cosma Experts project teams have implemented over 3000 of projects involving change across over hundreds of clients. You can be assured of our ability to make change happen without distracting the core focus of your organisation.

F4S Consulting Group & Cosma Experts teams are resistant to influence from suppliers. We have the power to approach the entire market on your behalf, unrestricted by agreements or preferred suppliers.

Our Methodology

Specific analysis of all expenses categories
  • Identify the purchasing and consumption profile of products and services
  • Characterize real needs (by segment, site, user, periodicity)
  • Identify possible discrepancies between current delivery and needs (doubles, waste, errors, habits...)
  • Characterize all process and expectation constraints
  • Develop a global purchasing repository
Search for optimization
  • Develop a specification that details the customer's needs and expectations in a structured and comprehensive manner
  • Conduct a broader and targeted market consultation
  • Analyze and compare offers, develop different scenarios
Selecting and deploying optimization solutions
  • Present a summary of consultations, identified cost-cutting paths, technical and regulatory opportunities offered by the market, supply structure and supplier business models
  • Helping to select optimal, pragmatic and tailored solutions
  • Deploy selected solutions: pilot customer/supplier meetings, organize validation trials, prepare and adapt organizations
The most of F4S Consulting Group : The sustainability of the savings is ensured by monitoring and follow up of 24 months or more
  • Quarterly monitoring of performance through the implementation of performance indicators
  • Calculate actual savings (line by line) relative to the baseline
  • Controlling market price developments
  • Then, throughout our mission, adapt the options put in place to the real changes in consumption

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