Supplier Management

F4S Consulting Group delivers Quality Solutions and Supplier Management all over Morocco

Factory and Supplier Audits

F4S Consulting Group's approach to quality assurance identifies the appropriate audit for your requirements. We provide the tools you need to ensure that your suppliers deliver quality products, operate efficiently, and comply to all your standards and your industry-specific compliance requirements. The purpose of a quality control audit is to help our clients verify the capability and suitability of their suppliers.

F4S Consulting Group provides factory audits to assess the reliability of your potential and existing suppliers. We are ready to partner with your team to ensure your suppliers uphold the integrity of your company. We also establish a regular monitoring program to evaluate the supplier’s internal environment, ensure they operate efficiently, deliver high-quality products, and support a culture of continuous improvement.

Results you can expect

Measuring Performance

Concrete Action Plan

Supplier Alignment with your need

Sustainable Performance

Experience & Expertise 

Supplier Management

F4S Consulting Group has the right tools, expertise and people to help you identify, improve, and manage the supplier performance.

We help our clients, and their factories analyze their substandard KPIs and establish a recovery plan to improve performance, with the ultimate goal of continuous improvement.

If your supplier requires professional help in facilitating or monitoring the required corrective actions or implementation, if you wish to manage and assess the performance of your under-performing suppliers, if the quality of your product does not meet requirements over an long period, at F4S Consulting Group we will study your problem and tailor our Supplier Management Proposal to your challenges, requirements, and timeline in order to provide a customized solution.

Our Supplier Management help you gain competitiveness by accessing and measuring your risks, finding solutions to reduce risk, facilitating the implementation of your standarts, improving and controlling the performance of your suppliers, and ultimately adding value to your Company.

Our Methodology

Understand your requirement and your supplier issues

Assess the situation by auditing your supplier’s facility, process and operations

Create a corrective action plan and solution together with the supplier

Guide the supplier through successful implementation

Control performance and follow the continuous improvement

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